About me


chauffeured limousine services and more...

I founded VIP SERVICES FURRER GmbH last year, after driving for more than 8 years for
a renowned limousine provider in the Zurich area. 
I want to offer our clients the best possible service at a fair price. 
Also, I believe a full and personal service is being appreciated from our clients. After about a year, I realised that I'm on the right track. 
Thus I changed the concept slightly. Since I could construct a great network of drivers over the years, I founded a corporation with a selection of professional limousine drivers, all with the proper licenses, from different regions of Switzerland. 
We are now even closer to our clients and can provide the desired transportation solutions, even at short notice. 
We can so solve even complex transportation requests. 
Basically: Impossible is not possible...

✔ growing up in the Zurich area,

✔ living in France (1971 - 1972), USA (1973-1977)

✔ Swiss military, sniper and explosives specialist in alpine regiment

✔ apprenticeship as cook, Hotel Sonnenberg, Zurich

✔ culinary management school, Zurich

✔ various positions as head chef and manager in the culinary business

✔  Fitness coach and personal trainer

✔ sales manager Europe for Nautilus Sports-Medical Industries

✔ car sales manager for premium brands Mercedes Benz, Jaguar and Land Rover

✔  insurance consultant for "die Mobiliar", Axa-Winterthur, Zurich insurance

✔  VIP driver for Elite chauffeured limousines, Zurich